New [to me] Products I Love

I love discovering new products that either make my life easier, OR are beautiful and give me lots of joy. This year has actually been full of hearing about new companies, trying new products and establishing new favourites.

Here’s my top picks:


This is a beauty company that sells products for face, body, kids + make up – all using products that are SAFE and healthy for you. First heard about it over the summer from fellow blogger Emily Morrice and ordered some products through her. Top picks (so far): Nourishing Cream Cleanser, Nourishing Day Cream, Citrus Mimosa Body Bar, Daily Shampoo + the Charcoal Cleansing Bar.


For my fellow photography lovers out there: who doesn’t love beautiful products, stunning paper and intricate design? Artifact Uprising is a company that uses recycled products and wants to help you tell your story. Well I told mine this year through ordering a Wood Calendar for Mothers Day, Square Prints sharing memories with my closest friends, and a Softcover Photo Book highlighting the best moments of Quebec City. Super impressed with their customer service, I think this will be a company I’ll use for a LONG time.


More photography! The sleek design of the external lenses for my iphone are incredible and help me take excellent photos. Moment boasts of the world’s best glass lenses for your phone – and they may be right. I ordered the tele lense for my birthday this summer and it shot stellar photos while I was in Quebec City. Although with any other photography related product, it won’t deliver an automatically good photo. You actually need composition skills, lighting experience and a good subject. But their incredible app helps too! Also check out their sweet blog the Momentist.




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