Meet Erin

So this blog begun a little over 5 years ago as a travel companion while I backpacked for 4 months in the amazing country of India. Seriously, check out my posts ranging on travel adventures, observing culture, and examining my own heart amongst that wonderful country.

Then when I returned, my blog transitioned into a poetry dump. Looking back I’m glad that season of my life is over. Not the poetry writing part, but the emotional angst over relationships part. My heart was in pain. Yikes.

Scattered throughout this blog are posts on music, books, the Bible, and even photography. To each his own, but those are some of my hobbies.

What this blog has transformed into are reflections on life in my twenties (rocking 26 currently), and how my faith intersects with my daily life. I aim to write for a wide audience – if you’re not a Christian, nor believe in God, I hope you can still get something out of my writing. I think I’ve always felt drawn to writing because I always felt lost, and writing helped me figure things out. Emotions, relationships, direction, purpose, dreams. Perhaps it sprang from a natural love of reading. I’m continually impacted by the written word and what others have wrote – I hope I can impact someone else too.

Or maybe these thoughts will merely stay on this blog, never to be shared, and act as a moment in time. Marking how I felt and thought in that moment. I still think that’s valid, for it’s the small, in between moments that make up our lives. To look back and see how much we’ve grown, or learned. Heck! I still go back and read my posts from over a year ago and the truth in them gives me fresh inspiration and insight into my current events.

I’m not perfect (though I try!), and not everything that I write will be. I’m sure I’ll write a few things that make you cringe, or your heart break. That’s ok. More importantly I want to learn. So spread your thoughts and ideas. I want to hear them :) Let’s engage.


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