My Writing

I write on several platforms and I want to share that here. As I also work in ministry, and write as part of my job, I want to share access to that content on this blog. Here is some of my recent work:

The Gospel Coalition – Canada

How a Culture of Minimization Enabled Larry Nassar (And Countless Others)

4 Reasons Why My Love for Winter Draws Me Closer to God

How I Forgave My Abuser

Grace’s Corner

Guest Reflections: Erin

Power to Change – Students

I write on this website as ‘Erin Ford’ – you can find a collective of my writing here.

A response to the boys who rejected me

I’m not ‘being discipled’, what should I do?

Where was God when I was harassed?

Being Single in a Couples Culture

Can I be confident in knowing God’s will?

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