The (Un)comfortable Life

Have you ever felt like you were standing on the brink of a giant cliff? Everything in your life had brought you to THIS MOMENT - right to the edge of the something huge. Something you know will impact your life in a huge way, and direct your path. It's overwhelming. It's uncertain how things … Continue reading The (Un)comfortable Life



I cannot believe I am home right now. The last week has absolutely flown by! I thought I should hurry it up and write this blog post since I’m keeping my friends in the dark as to my whereabouts =) I suppose I can start off saying that I’m safely home in Barrie and I’ve … Continue reading home


A poem by Kamala Das – an Indian 20th Century poet __________________________ All around me are words, and words and words,        They grow on me like leaves, they never Seem to stop their slow growing From within… But I tell myself, words Are a nuisance, beware of them, they Can be so many things, a … Continue reading Words