My top 5 articles of 2017

Some people often ask, "Erin I want to read what you've written!" Well, here are my top 5 articles that I wrote in 2017, based upon engagement and views with some behind-the-scenes info!


When God clings onto me

I thought I was clinging to God in the world of dating, trusting him and seeking his path for my life. But I wasn't. In all honesty, it was God who was clinging to me.

Why Unmet Desires are Good

Unmet desires (and the associated pain) force us into a place of deep surrender and humility before God. They remind us that our true hope is in Jesus and how he supplies all our needs in every moment. The growth and likeness of Christ that come when we learn how to surrender and to humble ourselves before God and others. That's growth God desires in us every day to make us more like him.