What I Believe

I believe that there is true hope for this world. That even though it’s filled with pain, brokenness and injustice, one day it will be made new, whole and complete. I believe that changing the world is possible – and its starts with us, me. As individuals we can work together to unify our generation to become a force in this world. A force of love, respect, kindness and beauty.

I believe that this world was created by a holy and all-powerful God of the Universe. That He is just, perfect, complete, righteous, forgiving, loving, and full of both grace and mercy. I believe that if you examine the world, His creation, you will see Him.

“The blue of the sky reflects His royal garments, the clouds are His chariots. The winds are His messengers. The heavens [skies] truly praise His wonders and declare His glory. Every animal is being sustained by God. Crops come as a gift, rain is an expression of His care, lightning of His power. God owns creation – it belongs to Him.”

I believe that God loves me, us really. The reality is, our world is broken and messed up. We were born into this mess and ultimate separation from God – but that wasn’t His plan for His creation. He desperately wants to know each one of us and have this gap between us closed. He wants us to know Him. Born as enemies of God, He wants us to become His friend. I learned this when I was about 14. I felt like there was a void in my life – that nothing could fill. I had needs for love, purpose, justice and meaning which really reflected my true need for God in my life. I wanted to know truth and know if there was a God who actually cared about me. I learned that there was.

I believe that God knew that this separation between me and Him couldn’t be fixed by own efforts. I could never do enough good things, get better grades, love more people, or be a better person. I believe that God created me and formed me in my mum’s womb. But being born into a broken world, I was born into a life of sin. I’m stubborn and selfish and instead of choosing God I often choose myself – my own plans and desires over His. I believed that I could do things on my own without Him in my life, and this was sin against God. This sin problem separated me from Him, a debt I owed to God and couldn’t repay by myself. He knew this when He made me. But He loved me so much that He wanted to pay this debt for me. So He sent himself – to earth. To bridge that gap and fulfill justice.

I believe that God is perfectly just. Wrongs need to be made right. I sinned and wronged God and that needed to be accounted for if I wanted to know Him. Jesus was God’s son who came to Earth to tell the world of God’s message. He was both God and man (I know, hard to comprehend), and lived a perfect life. He never sinned. He fulfilled prophesies made 700 years before He came to Earth. He chose to pay the debt I owed to God by dying in my place. The wages of sin is death – that’s what I earned when I sinned against God in my human nature! But God loved me so much that He didn’t want me to die – but to live with Him forever. I believe that’s heaven – to be with God forever. Jesus died in my place to fulfill the justice to God in order for me to be reconciled with Him.  No longer an enemy, but a friend. I believe that this is a message for everyone, not just me. All it took for me to know God, to be forgiven and have that void filled inside of me was to believe and trust in Jesus. That’s it. No bowing, waving or scraping. Just believe and trust in Jesus, in who He is and what He did. I made that choice to trust in Him, and now I can know God in an intimate and powerful way.

I believe that Jesus can transform people – He did so with me! I believe that the truth and power of what Jesus did on the cross can change the world. I believe that this message is not popular or even well-received. But those are not necessary requirements to make it true. I believe that God loves me and has a plan for me – and for this world as well. All I’m called to do is to tell others about Him. I believe in Jesus.

*Quote above by Edward Welch from “When People are Big and God is Small”


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